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There are proven treatment alternatives that your doctor will not discuss with you, that you will find in a book I am recommending here.  

But why look here or elsewhere?


Your doctor has been taught to fight cancer by cutting it out, burning it, or poisoning it.  In far too many cases these approaches will 

fail to extend life for very long.  In addition, during and often well after the treatment period the negative effects of these treatments

reduce the patient's quality of life.


Doctors know the statistics about the treatments they recommend for a given type of cancer.  Even  when  they  know  that  the  outcome  is  

not  favorable  they  will  rarely  discuss other treatment approaches based on good science that some forward-thinking 
doctors are using today.

Suzanne Somers (yes, the actress) faced her own cancer demon with conventional treatments.  

Determined to find a better way, if it exists, she interviewed doctors who have demonstrated 

many successes that conventional medicine refuses to accept as real.   What she learned, and 

some of  the science  behind these  alternative  cancer  treatments,  are  clearly  presented  in 

her book "KNOCKOUT".

To preview this important book CLICK on this Amazon.com link -->Somers - KNOCKOUT .

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The stretches and exercises you'll learn about in this free book really work - I know because they have worked

for me.  They make scientific sense and logical sense.  Here is how author Jesse Cannone (C.P.T., cofounder of

The Healthy Back Institute) introduces this book:  

People usually think that if they have back pain, their bodies are suffering from some mechanical dysfunction.

"Since my body hurts," they say, "it must mean something is wrong with my body—something with the bones, the

muscles, or the soft tissue that connects them."  While this is sometimes, if not often, the case, it’s not the only

underlying cause of back pain. In fact, there are FIVE causes of back pain, and all back pain comes from one of

three sources. These are almost always overlooked by doctors and other health care professionals.  In the 7 Day

Back Pain Cure Book, which you can get for free, we'll go into greater dept and cover how you can get true lasting

relief from your back pain and so much more...

This book is FREE, so just CLICK HERE for the 7 Day Back Pain Cure

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